Life Shade is closing Dec. 31, 2015

Its Been A Great Ride

We've been quite fortunate to make a bunch of friends along the way and especially fortunate to represent some of the most talented people producing artwork today.

We had our favorites, to be sure, but there were too many to choose from...

  • Bob White -
  • Victoria Wilson-Schultz -
  • Edward Aldrich -
  • Gary Moss -
  • Jack Sorenson -
  • Karmel Timmons -
  • Susan Sponenberg -
  • Sandra Massie Forbush -
  • and many more ...

So, if you've landed on our site and are bummed that we're no longer offering Fine Art Lampshades, please go to some of the sites listed below.

Friends, Family, & Customers
 Sequoia Springs, Inc. - Fun expressed in fashion  Roger and Thomas, Ltd - Sporting Antiques
 The Arts Center in Orange  Phil & Susie Audibert - Audibert Photo
 The Artwork of William Lamb  Sporting Artisans - Everything for the Sporting Life
 Danny Warrington - Advanced Three-Day Event Rider  Animals To Wear - Equestrian Apparel
 Up Close Photo - Great Wildlife & Retriever Photography

Contributing Artists
 Bob White Studio - the Sporting Art of Bob White  Gail Guirreri-Maslyk - Equestrian & Sporting Art
 Sandra Massie Forbush - Portrait & Sporting Painter  Bucky Bowles - Great Southern Sporting Art
 Faith Cameron Semmes - Portraits & Fine Art  Melanie Brown - Snortin Horse Studio
 Photography by Mark Atwater  Sharon Lynn Campbell - Equestrian Portraiture
 Edward Aldrich - the Artwork of Edward Aldrich  Julie T. Chapman - Oils & Scratchboards (amazing work)
 Stepanie Comé-Ryker - Equestrian Artist  Broderick Crawford - Wildlife & Sporting Artist
 Donna Elias - Great American Lighthouses  Shawn Faust - Equestrian Portraiture
 Sallie Caldwell Fisher - inspired coastal New England artwork  Flick Ford - Amazing fish in watercolor
 Christine George - Equine Artist  Janet Griffin Scott - Equine Artist
 Robert W. Hickman - Sporting Dogs & Wildlife Artwork  Robert Llewellyn - Inspiring Photography
 Ron Louque - Realistic Oil & Acrylic  Linda Luster - Equestrian Artist
 The artwork of Stephen Lyman  Robert J. May - Amazing collection of dog artwork
 Carolyn Mock - Wildlife Art  Gary Moss Fine Art
 Billie Nipper - Classic Tennessee Artist  The Artwork of Liz Pizzo
 Thomas Allen Pauly - Equestrian Racing Artist  Linda Picken - Wildlife Artwork
 Don Ray - Beautiful marine artwork  Terry Redlin - official website for Mr. Redlin's art
 The Old West Art of Jack Sorenson  Susan Sponenberg - Sporting Artist
 Claude Steelman - Wildshots Photography  David Stoecklein - Photographer of the Old West
 The Chronicle of the Horse  Dana Lee Thompson
 Victoria Wilson-Shultz - Wildlife & Western Art  Karmel Timmons

As always, thanks for visiting. Jamie & Lorraine

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